Vestibular Clinician Kit

What's included:

  • VIZSTIM Vestibular Dysfunction Kit
  • VIZSTIM Concussion Kit
  • VIZSTIM Exercise Tracker PDF
  • Head laser
  • Timer
  • Eye occluder
  • Cervical joint position bullseye
  • Brock String
  • Near hart chart 
  • Ball & Colored die for dual tasking
  • Vision Exercise Charts
  • Tote for all items 

The VIZSTIM Vestibular Clinician Kit makes your vestibular rehabilitation more efficient and matches patient friendly home kits for use in clinic or virtually. These kits are ideal for the vestibular clinicians who are always running around with post it notes and running out of time to create customized home programs! 

This toolkit is also perfect for Universities for hands on training to facilitate vestibular rehabilitation learning with lab style activities.