Vestibular Clinician Kit - Coming Soon

As a practicing vestibular therapist I looked for toolkits to improve my vestibular care but couldn’t find any tools, let alone a comprehensive kit. There was a lack of tools for vestibular home programs and I needed to do something about it.

I began creating at-home tools for my clients who wanted to progress their vestibular recovery, educate themselves, and have consistency. That's when VIZSTIM was born. I continue to create tools and resources that make vestibular issues easier to treat with at-home exercise programs.

Having the right tools on hand improves time management of vestibular rehabilitation and allows for well carried out therapy sessions.

*VIZSTIM being used to train future clinicians at the University of Hartford

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What's included in the Vestibular Clinician Kit?

  • VIZSTIM Concussion Kit
  • VIZSTIM Vestibular Dyfunction Kit
  • Timer
  • Head Laser
  • Eye Occluder
  • Cervical Joint Position Bullseye
  • Brock String
  • Saccades Eye Chart
  • VIZSTIM Exercise Tracker PDF
  • Vision Exercise Handouts
  • Tote for all items