Reaction Time & Concussions

What Is Reaction Time?

The amount of time that takes place between when we perceive something to when we respond to it. We as humans are sensory dependent so we take in the world around us and respond to it. We make decisions and react in different ways. Learn the reasoning behind that in this course. 

2 types of Reaction Time:


  • 1 stimulus : 1 response
  • Typically faster
  • Ruler test


  • Multiple stimuli : A correct response
  • Typically slower
  • Involves thought
  • A choice must be made Prefrontal cortex
  • Quarterback reaction to defense
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Patients diagnosed with a concussion took an additional 25 feet to stop a car and were .45 seconds slower to identify traffic conflicts than someone without a concussion.

How Do We Improve Reaction Time?

We have control over two components of our reaction time that are trainable, perception and action. These modifiable factors will overall improve reaction time so that we respond quicker and more accurately.

When put together, these are known as Perception-Action Coupling. So how quickly do we perceive the stimuli and how quickly can we put a motor response into action.

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VIZSTIM Reaction Time Course

This course dives into the pathophysiology associated between concussion and reaction time. You will learn to perform simple screens for reaction time and understand higher technology options for assessment.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize the pathophysiology associated with reaction time and concussion
  • Perform an assessment on reaction time using the ruler test and understand higher tech options for the clinic assessments
  • Understand the different types of reaction time and how they might test differently
  • Learn 5 reaction time drills to start with clients to implement evidence based practice for concussion recovery
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