Meet Dr. Ashley

Meet Dr. Ashley

As a physical therapist and Board Certified Neurologic Clinical Specialist, I have a passion for helping people recover from injury or illness. I specifically enjoy helping them return to doing the things they love. 

I began my career over 13 years ago as a Physical Therapist at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston, MA.. While spending years traveling to the top healthcare facilities I was able to see how the levels of healthcare were structured differently across the states. 

It's my belief that everyone should know what sort of health care they are going to experience when seeking guidance or treatment. It frustrates me that there is not more widespread continuity of care and each healthcare facility acts in their own silo. As a mother of three, I can understand the need for spreading expertise to resolve the disparities surrounding the healthcare fields.

Over the years I have developed a steady client base as the expert in my area of work. However, now that I work part-time – to balance my family life and work life – I am not able to reach the number of patients as I once did. 

Because of this, it was important to me that I create a means for more patients to get the expertise and recovery treatment plans they need – whether they were looking for recovery from concussion, vestibular loss, or neurologic insult. 

Thus VIZSTIM was developed as an at-home exercise tool with a goal to promote rewiring, rebalancing, and recovery.

I am proud to have designed the VIZSTIM Visual & Vestibular Exercise Kits so that they:

  • Empower people to be better advocates for their own health and well being.
  • Are accessible at any level of care.
  • May be used with the added care of any healthcare professional.

If you have any questions about whether VIZSTIM is right for your needs, please feel free to reach out to me.


Dr. Ashley

Ashley Contreras, MSPT, DPT, NCS

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