At-Home Concussion Treatment

There is more that can be done than just sit & wait

Concussions are mild traumatic head injuries that damage the way your brain functions. With most concussions, it's possible to feel a variety of effects which can vary depending on the severity of the injury and individual. This can include dizziness, difficulty concentrating, memory issues, emotional changes, imbalance, or headaches. Effects can last up to 2-3 weeks, or in some cases, months at a time.

It is common for children and adolescents who are involved in high-contact sports such as football, rugby or soccer to suffer a concussion. However, people usually see a full recovery after a concussion. If you continue to have symptoms after 2 weeks you should be working with a concussion specialist towards your complete recovery.

We designed an easily-implemented and standardized exercise kit as a bridge for individuals recovering from injuries such as vestibular dysfunction, concussions, and neurological issues. Designed as an at-home exercise tool, our kits provide an easy and affordable option for home training in visual and vestibular therapy.

Concussion Kit
Concussion Kit
Concussion Kit
Concussion Kit

Concussion Kit

After Concussion there is more to do than sit and wait.  The Concussion Kit was developed to improve processing of the visual & vestibular systems and their neural connections through the brain.  Use of this kit may reduce symptoms of dizziness, neurofatigue, and visual motion sensitivity.

The Concussion Kit includes:
  • Concussion Education Sheet
  • Brain Health Journal
  • 12 Exercise Cards
  • 4 Popsicle Stick Exercises
  • Resistance loop band
  • Brock String
  • 1 Card Holder
  • 1 Magnet
  • Access to videos of each exercise included with purchase
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Additional Brain Health Journal
Additional Brain Health Journal
Additional Brain Health Journal

Additional Brain Health Journal


The Brain Health Journal is a stand alone journal to document daily exercises and health.

Tracks 100 days of progress 

Easily document diet, hydration, and exercises.