Concussion Recovery

Ashley Contreras | 06 October, 2021

            Concussion Recovery

After someone suffers a concussion, have them evaluated by a concussion specialist immediately to confirm diagnosis and determine the deficits of their individual signs and symptoms.

Concussion recovery has evolved and while it is best to rest for 24-48 hours it is recommended to then return gradually to safe activities. Returning to high risk activities too soon could worsen the injury and prolong recovery but many things are safe to start and can even speed up the recovery process.. It's important to limit the amount of strain on the brain and allow a full recovery so speak to a healthcare professional with advanced concussion training to see what is best for you.

At-Home Concussion Treatment

We offer an at-home concussion kit designed for at-home visual and vestibular exercises to be done frequently in order to promote recovery. Our kits provide adolescents and their parents an easily implemented and affordable option for home training in visual therapy and vestibular therapy to get your child back to doing what they love. It is important to note that this is not the only deficit after concussion but may be the reason your child is still having symptoms. 

These additional tips can be used alongside the exercises:

  • Light Sub Symptom Exercise - Walking, stationery biking, and gentle yoga promote recovery.
  • Diet - Consuming anti-inflammatory foods like blueberries, salmon, spinach, and chia seeds can help reduce symptoms. 
  • Hydration - Your brain needs lots of water to function at its best, think lemon water & hydrate often. 
  • Neck Strengthening - The cervical spine can contribute to multiple symptoms after concussion. Starting an neck therapy program can be beneficial.