Balance & Fall Prevention

Easy to follow home exercises to address imbalance

Our balance is comprised of 3 systems working together: our eyes, ears, and body which all send information to the brain which is then interpreted about where we are in space. When 1 or more of these systems is working incorrectly we are at a risk for falls.

As we age, the occurrence of slips and falls becomes more common. According to the CDC, an elderly adult is treated in the ER for a fall every 11 seconds, and an elderly adult dies every 19 minutes from a fall. Aging is inevitable and with that comes deteriorating muscle strength, weakened immune systems, and imbalance issues. For these reasons, a slip or fall suffered by the elderly can prove to have devastating consequences.

In addition to the harm caused by a physical fall, it's important to account for the harmful effects a fall can have on the psyche. The idea of falling becomes a constant fear and can result in increased self-restriction, resulting in seniors becoming more dependent on others and subsequently decreasing mobility over time. As such, fall prevention is an essential aspect for senior care. Addressing balance problems reduces the risk of falls through all populations.

We designed an easily-implemented and standardized exercise kit as a bridge for individuals recovering from injuries such as vestibular dysfunction, concussions, and neurological issues. Designed as an at-home exercise tool, our kits provide an easy and affordable option for home training in visual and vestibular therapy.

Vestibular Dysfunction Kit
Vestibular Dysfunction Kit
Vestibular Dysfunction Kit
Vestibular Dysfunction Kit
Vestibular Dysfunction Kit
Vestibular Dysfunction Kit

Vestibular Dysfunction Kit

Easy to follow vestibular regimen for rewiring the vestibular system and its processing through the brain.  This kit was developed with progressions in mind.  Start with level 1 and progress up through level 3 for the most challenge.  This kit can help reduce symptoms of dizziness, imbalance, brain fog, and visual motion sensitivity.
The Vestibular Dysfunction Kit includes:
  • 12 Vestibular Exercises
  • 4 Popsicle Stick Exercises
  • 1 Card Holder
  • 1 Magnet
  • VIZSTIM Instruction Sheet
  • VIZSTIM Balance Program
  • Floor Dots for Balance Exercises
  • Resistance Band
  • Access to videos of each exercise included with purchase
  • Free Domestic Shipping
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Additional Balance Journal
Additional Balance Journal

Additional Balance Journal


Stand Alone Journal to Track 100 Days of Balance Training

Customized Pages to Follow VIZSTIM Balance Program

Daily Notes for Hydration, Sleep, and Pain