What is VIZSTIM?

Visual & Vestibular Exercise Kits

Prior to VIZSTIM, Dr. Ashley lacked tools for carryover of visual and vestibular exercises at home. She then started making tools to use in the office and patients started asking where they could get their own set. It seemed they also needed an education to progress themselves to more difficult exercises and to be able to effectively track their progress.  

This is where Dr. Ashley decided to form the prototype of VIZSTIM - an at home system which encourages and enhances recovery. This system consists of several kits, a brain health journal, and educational materials that all coincide with the recovery exercises for those affected with concussion, balance issues, and/or vestibular dysfunction.

Dr. Ashley envisions a new methodology to treat concussions and similar vestibular issues which promotes proactive recovery for patients rather than the traditional “rest & wait it out” which is all-to-common.

Through years of experience, formal training, and ongoing research Dr. Ashley believes we can use the principle of neuroplasticity to recover from neurologic or vestibular injury. Neuroplasticity is the brains ability to modify, change, and adapt. Principles of neuroplasticity define that the exercise needs to be repetitive, intense, & specific to the task that you want to improve. Current research shows that rehabilitation is the best chance for recovery & that the sooner it is started the better the outcomes.  

VIZSTIM is her way to bring about this paradigm shift in the concussion and vestibular dysfunction space.

Whether you are someone who works in the health & wellness fields or are someone who suffers from concussion, balance, or vestibular dysfunction, we invite you to learn more with our VIZSTIM Resources.