Vestibular Clinician Kit

What's included:

  • VIZSTIM Concussion Kit
  • VIZSTIM Vestibular Dyfunction Kit
  • Timer
  • Head laser 
  • Eye occluder
  • Cervical joint position bullseye
  • Brock String
  • Saccades Eye Chart
  • VIZSTIM Exercise Tracker PDF
  • Vision Exercise Handouts
  • Tote for all items

The VIZSTIM Vestibular Clinician Kit is to be paired with our VIZSTIM Certificate Course.

Clinicians will get a comprehensive education on use of the VIZSTIM Vestibular Clinician Kit. Our hybrid course will include the understanding of the brain’s functional neurology behind visual and vestibular functions so that one can treat the root cause of dysfunction. You will learn a comprehensive vestibular evaluation with hands on practice, treatment techniques, and leave the course with the tools to implement immediately into your practice.