Dr Paige & Dr Ashley Chat about our favorite low cost tools

Ashley Contreras | 08 February, 2023

            Dr Paige & Dr Ashley Chat about our favorite low cost tools

Dr Paige The Dizzy Doctor has a private practice in Omaha, NE and is also licensed in Iowa. She found her passion for treating patients with vestibular disorders and knew this was what she wanted to do. She does virtual visits, mobile visits on request, and in person visits in the Omaha metro area. 

Dr Ashley Owner of VIZSTIM offers vestibular specialty and concussion rehabilitation in her home state of Connecticut through virtual visits, mobile visits, or in person visits in Canton, CT. 

We sat down on and chatted about our favorite low cost tools that can be utilized on the road during our mobile visits as well as in the clinic. You might even have some of these items at home and can start ramping up your vestibular wellness with tools you already have. We discuss the different ways to use these tools and gave each other ideas as the creativity never stops for vestibular rehabilitation and challenging the way your brain uses information. You can find the whole talk on our instagram pages @thedizzydoctor and @vizstimrecovery. 

Here we are linking the tools that we spoke about: 

Blazepods - Sets of reaction lights that are customizable to an app on your phone or IPAD. These lights come in various size packs so cost can vary depending on your needs but range from $200-$600 / package. Dr Ashley uses these to enhance her therapies. 

Playing cards - Any type of playing cards make a wonderful visual target and can be used for sorting, reaction time (think slap jack), and VOR training. Found somewhere in your junk drawer or game storage for free! 

Rox pods - Set of 3 reaction lights that also vibrate and sense weight shifts! These cost around $200 and can be found on amazon. 

Fitlights are upwards of $1000 so while they are the top quality in this space they may not fit your budget but come with various stands, carrying case, and all the tools you need - no app download required. 

Spot it Game - Spot it games are cards that have little pictures, at least 1 picture on every card matches something on every other card so its a game of search and find in a very fun way getting your eyes to track, process, and react. 

Physioball - This is a standard PT clinic tool and can be used for bouncing, weight shifts, head turns, VOR progressions and so much more. 

Airex pad - This is another classic PT clinic tool and is likely one of the most popular items found even in ortho clinics. This pad reduces the firm surface under your feet so standing on it makes your other senses work harder and reduces your somatosensory (sensation from your legs). There are many different brands and they all offer the same benefit at different price points ranging from $20-$70. 

VIZSTIM Kit- The VIZSTIM kit is a 3 level progression of visual and vestibular exercises to be done at home. This kit was developed by Dr Ashley to assist those who cannot access vestibular specialists. The program is guided by videos and gives you the autonomy to recognize how and when to progress yourself. 

Pilates ball - Pilates balls are great tools to work on your turning, habituation, and strength training. Add some numbers on it for an additional challenge. 

Head laser- The motion guidance head laser can be used for training the neck and integrating the senses. This can be used for targets on the wall or during VOR x 2 and VOR cancellation for increased awareness and feedback of the systems and how we move as humans. 

Concept 2 rower - My favorite aerobic trainer to use towards the end of rehab. 

I'm sure we chatted about some other tools so head over to our instagram to watch the entire thing!