Move with Confidence: The Benefits of Vizziq's Neuromuscular Trainer for Vestibular Patients

Ashley Contreras | 13 March, 2023

            vizziq neuromuscular trainer balance and vestibular

VIZSTIM is always looking for ways to improve the rehabilitation and quality of life for those with vestibular issues.

Vestibular and neurologic conditions can severely impact an individual's mobility; however, innovative products like the Vizziq neuromuscular trainer offer hope for those seeking to improve their balance and spatial awareness.

I recently met Vizziq at the International Conference for Vestibular Rehabilitation and was excited to hear about their awesome product! Our shared ideologies and passion immediately struck me. Both VIZSTIM & Vizziq were created after seeing a problem in our current healthcare and durable medical equipment, provoking a desire to offer something novel to those with vestibular and neurologic conditions.

The Vizziq trainer helps with trunk rotation and provides more input to your body's sense of touch, which imitates a normal walking pattern. This is important in vestibular rehabilitation because our brains get used to the things we experience. When we stop experiencing certain things (like swinging), our brains lose their ability to process that information quickly and efficiently, which can lead to problems like motion sickness or falls. Neuroplasticity is the brain's ability to learn new things, and one of the main principles of this is "use it or lose it." The Vizziq trainer helps us use all 3 of our balance defenses, so we're better prepared when we need to rely on them.

Vizziq is a neuromuscular trainer that helps with gait training and mobility.

It's perfect to use alongside VIZSTIM's at-home visual and vestibular exercise kits, as it works all three balance systems and helps prevent falls. The locking exercise station feature allows you to feel safe while performing your VIZSTIM program, and as you progress, the trainer provides somatosensory support while moving through space during dynamic training.

Not only is Vizziq great for those with vestibular and neurologic conditions, but it's also helpful for healthy aging adults, those with progressive disorders, orthopedic conditions, and other health conditions limiting mobility. Plus, the two hand placements allow for upright posture or more weight-bearing support through the parallel bar placement when needed.

If you want to learn more, check out their website at I love finding innovative solutions that help make people’s lives and recovery easier, and I'm excited to be sharing this one with you all!