Treating Vestibular Dysfunction

Ashley Contreras | 06 October, 2021

            Treating Vestibular Dysfunction

The treatments for vestibular dysfunction vary depending on the symptoms, health, and results of the examination, but can include:

Diet & Lifestyle Changes

Some individuals have found that certain dietary changes have helped manage their symptoms.
Being active helps your brain recalibrate while being inactive limits your ability to promote recovery and can worsen symptoms over time.

Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT)

Through exercises designed to train your brain, eyes, and body, VRT can help reprogram the brain's processes and improve coordination between the eyes, brain and body. This is called neuroplasticity when the brain adapts. The exercises must be specific, repetitive, and intense in order for the best outcomes to occur. 

At-Home Exercises

Home exercises are easy to implement and can be crucial for well rounded recovery. Follow our physical therapist designed program for balance recovery and fall prevention.